Beauty Fixes

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I had a conversation about the quest for the magic product(s) that will solve all of one’s skin and/or hair care problems. I am more intrigued by the science of beauty and its presentation but have always wondered why beauty products never really seem to fix anything permanently. When purchasing skincare items, I rarely found “normal” as an option so for my personal needs. There is always normal/combination, normal/dry skin etc.
So yes, why is it that we will always seem to fall into a problem category? Large pores never seem to shrink to invisible radii, spots never seem to fade completely and skin never stays smooth, soft for longer than the few minutes after a mask or exfoliation and frankly, one never really looks 10 years younger even with the religious use of anti-aging products.
Even with anti-acne products, it often seems to be a case of time that clears up the problem but I’m willing to accept that the right products can sometimes make a huge difference.

Genetics does play a big role in what one’s skin looks like and the rest is really more of lifestyle and beauty practices. Slathering the most potent products would do little if one is always stressed and does not do much to protect and look after the skin.

So perhaps it is better to put our faith and trust more in better skincare and lifestyle practises than in the actual products themselves, at least in a less exclusive manner.


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