Are we doing too much?

Another intriguing question I also found myself asking is, “are we doing too much?”. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise are the main practices preached by many a beauty editor and even the average women. These each entail a variety of products and tasks that looks like a lot of work.
My skincare arsenal for routine use includes nearly 40 products for all kinds of weather.
There is olive oil for use to remove makeup (typically eye makeup) on the rare occasion I wear it.
Cleansers include foaming, cream and gel cleansers, a cleansing water, toner, cleansing milks and exfoliating scrubs.
Moisturisers range from the light to heavier water based moisturisers as well as a few basic oils and butters for very cold and dry weather conditions.
Now, that’s just for the face. What about the other numerous things for the rest of the body; including haircare, pedicures, depilatory and other grooming tasks?

With all these, why aren’t we all walking around with perfect skin? All the energy, money and time just seems to be frittered away into a possibly needless and never ending routine.
I love trying out new products and seeing what is available to keep us looking even better but perhaps sometimes, I should just wash with water and leave it at that? Who knows, my skin may actually thank me for the break.


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