Beauty Subscription Boxes

In the past year or two, we have seen a surge in the number of subscriptions for beauty samples. I have never been tempted to subscribe because I visit beauty counters and shops ever so often that I can view and test new products. In addition, I am more focused on skincare and will not pay for any makeup or nail products without testing and trying out first. Many are usually a mixed bag and I think  not.

I have read and watched complaints about the value of the samples in subscription packages and it seems that many simply want to get more than what is paid for.
Monthly subscription prices typically range from 10 to 15 -insert currency (typically EUR, USD or GBP) and may or may not include free shipping. For these prices, I would not be expecting full sized high end products and I would think that at some point, the companies may start to send cheaper and easily obtained items to cut costs.
There is also no way the companies will accurately know what one would like (despite the questionnaire which is usually included in the registration process). Selecting the products yourself also does not guarantee that you would love the samples received.

These subscriptions are a nice idea and would appeal to certain people but I would rather visit beauty counters, read blogs and reviews as well as request samples. This way, I will end up buying things I actually want.


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