Lip Balm Quest: NUXE

It seems I have just certified the best lip balm for me. I have tried a number of different lip balms in recent years and after several weeks of use, I am excited to state that Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm seems to be the best thing I have found. The balm’s thick consistency and matte finish make it perfect for both night and day time use. I first warm a bit of the product and then apply. It stays on for ages and more importantly, lips feel nourished and smooth.
It is always best to exfoliate the lips gently to remove any flaking skin. No lip balm will work if there’s loads of flaky bits hanging on. Hence, I use a muslin cloth, cotton pad or by rubbing my fingers on dampened lips to exfoliate 🙂

Nuxe is known for its dry oil which I find to be quite nice on my skin and hair so I was eager to try other Nuxe products in the local pharmacy. I purchased this balm for nearly €12 (and I know it retails for about  £8 to £10) so it is not as cheap as a tin of Vaseline which, is always a stand-by because it is very protective albeit not a mosturising product. Other lip products I have found to be good for sensitive lips are
L’Occitane’s Shea butter lip balm
Kiehl’s lip balm #1 (although, it does have petroleum jelly in it)
The Body Shop’s Chocomania lip butter (which seems to be the only lip product from the brand that doesn’t make my lips even more chapped).

I will probably end up purchasing this again when it has been used up but will definitely keep an eye out for discounts and bargains.


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