Beauty Spring Cleaning

“Spring Cleaning” one’s beauty stash is perhaps not quite like cleaning out one’s wardrobe (or closet to some) or even spring cleaning in general.  However, it is important to rid items that have caused problems, do not work for you or that you simply don’t like any more.
A few tips to help spring clean the beauty stash include the following.

Remove products that have been opened for longer than the PAO label. 
Once opened, a product typically is good for use for about 3 to 24 months depending its period after opening (PAO) label. This label can be found on most products and its an open jar with the number of months the product should be used for. Anything past that should be thrown away.  It might not hurt to stick a small label with dates of when products are opened to help keep track.

Throw away/Donate/Give away items that do not work or you do not like.  
No matter how expensive, it is quite pointless to hoard something that perhaps break you out or simply you dislike.  It is likely that it would work for someone else and as long as the product is not past the PAO, it would be a lovely gesture to someone else.

Half Empty or Half full
Decide whether to keep, give out or thrown away products you have not used up and are perhaps neglected for whatever reason.

Clean and Rearrange
Dust and wipe your jars and containers and perhaps try a new arrangement of your products. You can also choose to decant your products into uniform containers.

Happy tidying!


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