More than necessary







“A little goes a long way” a common excuse for justifying expensive products. My first “pricey” purchase was a Face wash from The Body Shop and I used it for eight months with daily use. I literally used the smallest amount to clean my face and found that I had enough lather and didn’t have to rinse as much. Hurrah! for a water saving measure.

I now find that with most decent products, a little does go a long way for many products from your personal grooming items to washing the sink. Toothpaste, shampoo, moisturiser, laundry detergent, whatever it is; you may be using far more than necessary per use.

Try halving the amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush, for the most part, it’s the strength applied that really cleans your teeth and tongue. A 100ml toothpaste will last a year with twice daily use and still no cavities.

Loofahs and sponges are great for working up lather so you use a lot less soap or body wash each time.

Restrain from filling your entire palm with shampoo and you’ll see that your hair will still be squeaky clean 😉


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