Exfoliation Labels: not always explicit

So most of us know about exfoliation which is a more vigorous cleansing to not only remove whatever dirt and excess oil but also shed a few more skin cells and make skin feel and appear smoother. Some of us probably do not do this and some probably over do it for whatever reason. I would suggest that if you do, please be gentle. The effect can be pretty amazing but overdo it and the results can be unpleasant.

With facial exfoliators, it seems that the higher the price points, the more reluctant the brands use the term “exfoliate”. This can be observed in many chemical exfoliants. I’ve linked an example for each term and may one day review them here.

For the mechanical ones which range from gritty particles to smoother and gentle and almost non-existent particles, the terms Scrub, Exfoliator (or some similar variation), PolishBuffing and may be used in the description. In German, “Peeling” is often commonly used, so tada! one knows what it does.

Chemical exfoliants often include ingredients like glycolic acid, salicylic acid and certain fruit enzymes. Incidentally, these exfoliating ingredients can also be found in masks and moisturisers (more often in night creams). Examples of terms used are peel, brightening (I find this rather annoying for some reason), renewal, rejuvenating, refining, resurfacing, refinish (peculiar this one), smoothing, (micro)dermabrasion and the list does go on.

So, check you are only using one of such and if you use a muslin cloth or face sponge regularly, you probably don’t even need such products. Thankfully, body exfoliants often have scrub included in the name so you can’t go wrong.

Happy Peelings!


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