Flash Review: New Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer

Image courtesy of http://www.fr.clinique.com

Last week I picked up a sample of Clinique’s new night moisturiser. I tend to browse beauty counters for interesting items and take samples offered to try. So, this one was given to me by a nice sales person after we established that I was not interested in the brand’s makeup items.

The product claims to instantly improve skin texture and make skin radiant after just one night. Naturally,  I am sceptical of such bold claims but I like many of Clinique’s products (except the toners) but decided to give it a go. I took the sample sachet which was enough for a week’s use.

I had a quick glance at the ingredients list and in addition to the humectants and slip agents to moisturise and give a smooth feeling, I remember seeing salicylic acid. This would explain the radiance claims because salicylic acid helps the skin shed more to reveal newer skin cells and can kill bacteria in pores. Thus, it shouldn’t block pores and may in fact help get rid of any blocked pores on skin.

I might buy the full sized product when I need a new night cream but would probably not use it daily (every other night perhaps) since I don’t have blocked pores and daily use of a chemical exfoliant and anti-bacterial may not do me any favours.

Verdict: It’s a great night moisturiser if you have dry skin and blocked pores. It’s rich but does not feel overly greasy and its fragrance free.


The humble muslin


Image courtesy of lifetakeslemons.wordpress.com

Muslin to me was a dress fabric and for medical dressing but, is now also a staple in my face cleansing routine.
I was first introduced to this cotton fabric as a cleansing tool when I received it with my Decléor’s Hydra-Radiance Smoothing & Cleansing Mousse. Liz Earle’s cleanse and polish has also reinforced my use of it and I constantly stock up now from Liz Earle. I am told it’s also available at retailers like Mothercare and Pai also provide muslin cloths to be used with their cleanser.

Muslin cloths
– enable a more effective cleansing routine even with “okay” cleansers,
– reduce the need for more gritty and intense exfoliants since it provides gentle exfoliation,
– are easy to clean. I boil mine in hot water every week and they dry easily too
– and are not terribly expensive.

I prefer to use the cloth with a creamy cleanser or a cleansing milk and do so three to four times a week.

Give it a try if you haven’t already. You may never wish for a clarisonic again 😉

Grapes are not just for Wine

Caudalie; I was somewhat recently introduced to by Ruth’s post on A Model Recommends. The active ingredients from this French brand’s products are from grapes so I guess wine is not the only commodity from viticulture.

The Cleansing water is a star product in my opinion and fantastic for cleansing the skin without the need for rinsing with water. Wetting a cotton pad with it and a few swipes later, I feel clean, awake and there is no uncomfortable tight feeling. It is quite effective in taking off light make-up but might need more than one cotton pad to get everything off. It is also perfect for travelling or when in a rush to get ready.

The cleanser is essentially oil droplets in micelles dissolved in water hence you don’t see the characteristic oil-water phases. The oils are able to dissolve dirt, oil and makeup on contact with the skin.

It does not contain mineral oils, artificial colouring or common surfactants (e.g. SLS) that can irritate the skin. It does contain fragrance but is said to be for all skin types and I would be willing to bet that most sensitive skins will not complain about this.