Flash Review: New Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer

Image courtesy of http://www.fr.clinique.com

Last week I picked up a sample of Clinique’s new night moisturiser. I tend to browse beauty counters for interesting items and take samples offered to try. So, this one was given to me by a nice sales person after we established that I was not interested in the brand’s makeup items.

The product claims to instantly improve skin texture and make skin radiant after just one night. Naturally,  I am sceptical of such bold claims but I like many of Clinique’s products (except the toners) but decided to give it a go. I took the sample sachet which was enough for a week’s use.

I had a quick glance at the ingredients list and in addition to the humectants and slip agents to moisturise and give a smooth feeling, I remember seeing salicylic acid. This would explain the radiance claims because salicylic acid helps the skin shed more to reveal newer skin cells and can kill bacteria in pores. Thus, it shouldn’t block pores and may in fact help get rid of any blocked pores on skin.

I might buy the full sized product when I need a new night cream but would probably not use it daily (every other night perhaps) since I don’t have blocked pores and daily use of a chemical exfoliant and anti-bacterial may not do me any favours.

Verdict: It’s a great night moisturiser if you have dry skin and blocked pores. It’s rich but does not feel overly greasy and its fragrance free.



The Body Shop has released a new line called chocomania and it is precisely what you would imagine – Chocolate.

The star product in my opinion is the Body Scrub which is has the right amount of grit and smells the most like chocolate. Some people may be averse to smelling like food but if that is not you, then this might be a favourite.

The Body Wash looks like melted chocolate and lathers quite nicely but not overly so. It did feel a little unusual washing up with “chocolate” so I much rather prefer the scrub even though it does create a bit of mess.

The body butter like most by the body shop, is simply heavenly and the scent of chocolate lingers for quite a while so be careful as some might suddenly imagine you as chocolate cake. I was a little taken aback by the colour since I expected it to be chocolate brown but it is more of a pale colour.

The same goes for the lip butter which I was hoping it would taste as good as it smelled but it does not. It feels nice on the lips and is not at all glossy which is just fine by me.

I am yet to try the soaps but the scent is quite heavenly and the mini soaps have joined my arsenal of travel products for times when I’m away and don’t feel like using gel or cream washes.

The chocomania line is available in many countries but one would have to check stores and online in your country. Happy Indulging!

and the Butter was not bitter…

I would like to make a tongue twister like the one about Betty buying butter for her batter but I seem to have fallen short.

The Body Shop probably makes the best moisturisers especially the ones of a thicker consistency. My favourite is the Shea Body Butter which is just perfect. It’s super thick but not greasy and sinks into one’s skin so easily.  The scent is a lovely nutty and fresh scent that is not overpowering but lingers for ever so long.  Truly makes the post-bath moisturising ever so pleasant and leaves skin ever so soft for hours and hours.

I tend to use it in the colder months when a lighter cream or body milk simply doesn’t cut it.